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100 Men100 Men
The soldiers are trying to overtake your position. Whip out the weapons and gun all of them down.
12 Days12 Days
You're a hitman assigned to snipe. Read your mission, then blow the heads off the right people.
13 Days in Hell13 Days in Hell
Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you!
1992 The Battle of the Isles1992 The Battle of the Isles
A top down jet / airplane shooter.
2D Paintball2D Paintball
Ever wanted to shoot a paintball in your office? Right under your bosses nose? Well, now you can! Th
2D Shootout2D Shootout
Draw your pistol revolver magnum and shoot down the cowboys in this desert town.
Shoot the mines and sharks.
30 Second Monkey Hunt30 Second Monkey Hunt
Shoot as many monkeys in 30 seconds as you can.
3D Maze Survival3D Maze Survival
You're stuck in a maze. Find your way out and shoot the Jack-O-Lanterns before they kill you.
3D Shooter3D Shooter
Test your accuracy by viewing the target zoom in the lower right.
3D Spacehawk3D Spacehawk
Shoot the incoming enemies as they approach your space fighter.
3D Swat3D Swat
Shoot the popup targets, but be warned, they shoot back. Watch long distances too.
3D Tanks3D Tanks
Shoot the incoming tanks as they surround you.
66th Asteroid Defence66th Asteroid Defence
Fire your turret like a mad man to prevent all the asteroids from getting passed. Grab powerups.
7-11 UFO7-11 UFO
Shoot down as many UFOs as possible.
Keyboard shooter with incoming enemies that you have to shoot at. Get other items to shoot.
A Dumb Ass GameA Dumb Ass Game
Shoot other spaceships in this 3D like space shooter.
A Sugg ChristmasA Sugg Christmas
Shoot the presents with the laser to teleport them to children around the world.
A Time for Courage - 1942A Time for Courage - 1942
A first person shooter where you move from area to area shooting poorly drawn people.
A top-down space shooter
AB 30K StarfighterAB 30K Starfighter
Fly through space as star fighter shoot down alien ships using lasers and upgrade your ship.
Absolutely HammeredAbsolutely Hammered
Use your mouse to guide the hammer over the nail.
Aderans ForestAderans Forest
Shoot any creatures that move in the bambo.
Agent 69Agent 69
Shoot the bad guys as they pop up. Don't forget to reload quick.
Agent KAgent K
You are attempting to make it onto the SWAT team. Go through 3 training rounds with satisfactory re
Aim _and_ FireAim _and_ Fire
Shoot the selected cans out shown in the top left
Aim and FireAim and Fire
Shoot different objects tossed into the air.
Air Attack 1Air Attack 1
Shoot down the air planes as they pass by with your machine gun.
Air Attack 2Air Attack 2
Gun down the airplanes as they pass by.
Air Attack 3Air Attack 3
Shoot the incoming planes in this sequel.
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