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1,000,000,000 KMH1,000,000,000 KMH
A short animation about an annoying music listner.
5 Paper Planes5 Paper Planes
A flash tutorial on how to make 5 different paper airplanes.
9 Doors9 Doors
Pick any of the 9 doors. Only one leads to happiness, the rest will lead to death.
Alien ExecutionAlien Execution
Execute those dirty aliens in horrific ways.
All Your BaseAll Your Base
A new animation of the phrase you love to hate.
Animator vs AnimationAnimator vs Animation
When a flash creation becomes alive and goes out of control the animator tries to stop it.
Put down various goodies and sprites and make your own animation.
Answering MachineAnswering Machine
Select the different messages and play them back for your phone.
Assault Part 1Assault Part 1
Part one in the Assault flash animation series.
Assault Part 2Assault Part 2
The Assault flash animation series continues with Part 2.
Assault Part 3Assault Part 3
The stickman action animation continues in part 3.
Assault Part 4Assault Part 4
Assault flash animation continues and progresses the story a little further.
Assault Part 5Assault Part 5
Continuing the long action flash animation is part 5 of the Assault series.
Beat the hell out of this guy for no reason, using your fists, foot, knuckledusters and baseball bat
An short animation about a bunch of stick figures killing each other.
Beer WarningBeer Warning
A non-interactive video showing the dangers of drinking beer.
Binlarden SissyBinlarden Sissy
Beat the hell out of Binlarden in the ring!
Blue Hippo Dress-UpBlue Hippo Dress-Up
Dress up the hippo in all sorts of clothes as you change his face and background.
Body SlamBody Slam
Small girl body slams theif. Short and too the point funny video.
Breakdance GuideBreakdance Guide
Learn how to breakdance in this flash dancing tutorial.
Brink of Alienation IV Prologue VideoBrink of Alienation IV Prologue Video
A non-interactive intro animation to Brink of Alienation IV. A lot of shooting and blood.
Brink of Alienation SubstanceBrink of Alienation Substance
Partial nongame media from the BOA series.
Bubble PopBubble Pop
An interactive nongame that may actually make you more bored.
Build A RobotBuild A Robot
Make your own dream robot in this online workshop, by joining together numerous different parts.
Build a FaceBuild a Face
Re-arrange diffrent parts of the head to build a face
Build a RobotBuild a Robot
Put your robot together piece by piece and make him look how you want.
Build a SnowmanBuild a Snowman
Customize your snowman then show it off.
Build your own robot in this excellent dress-up game. Instead of those 'doll-dress' games, we have a
Build-a-Blood Shed GuyBuild-a-Blood Shed Guy
Create your own blood shed character change armor face hands guns uzi sub machine gun pistol
Bunny Kill 1Bunny Kill 1
An animation that feels a lot like the madness series with a bunny trying to survive.
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