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Action / Adventure Games

Gecko PunkGecko Punk
Move along the sidescrolling platforms as you grab gems and jump on other creatures to kill them.
Mi-Life AprilMi-Life April
Shoot the crazy creatures and stay away from them. Jump around grabbing projects laying around.
Staggy the Boyscout SlayerStaggy the Boyscout Slayer
Cut them boyscouts down to size with your sword. Stay alive for as long as possible. Gets harder.
Fear UnlimitedFear Unlimited
Shoot 'em up or hack n slash.

Sports Games

Blast Billiards 4Blast Billiards 4
15 levels of shooting bomb pool balls into the pool table pockets before time expires.
St Mulligans 3-PuttSt Mulligans 3-Putt
18 holes of golf as you hit the golf ball just right to try to get it into the hole in as few swings
A Billiards game, but without any guiding line. You're all on your own in this pool game.
Sk8 ParkSk8 Park
Best stake park game around, grab that cash and do those tricks

Puzzle Games

Tribal HeroTribal Hero
Escape the animals as you slide blocks to kill them and eat their leftovers. Yum.
Hairdressing Salon For Bald MenHairdressing Salon For Bald Men
Can you remember what hair belongs to which men? Test and flex that memory of yours in this game.
Rush Hour Road RageRush Hour Road Rage
Slide the cars around to make a pathway to the exit for your car. 15 levels.
Let it FlowLet it Flow
Rearrange the pipes to make the water flow to the animals and crops. Use as much pipe as possible.

Shooting Games

Road AttackRoad Attack
Steer your car on the road as you shoot enemies and dodge their fire. Don't die!
Tetes BruleesTetes Brulees
Shoot down as many airplanes and helicopters as you can within timelimit.
Mucus MadnessMucus Madness
Shoot down the booger germs before they slime you.
Bean HunterBean Hunter
I'm not entirely sure what you're supposed to do here. Oh well, have fun. :)

Other Games

Cake CatcherCake Catcher
Catch the falling goodies before they hit the ground. Don't let computer players catch them!
The Bull RageThe Bull Rage
Run around, grab the keys, and open the doors. Watch out for the bulls going around the maps.
Goki DashGoki Dash
Collect the green balls and stay away from the geko.
Run Ronaldo RunRun Ronaldo Run
Kick the ball, dodge the soda and burgers, grab the golden shoes.

Racing Games

Race around the track as fast as possible as you follow the correct route and not turn the wrong way
Space Pilot 3DSpace Pilot 3D
Drive your spacecraft down the 3D road as you dodge buildings and other hovercrafts. Get far!
Drive over the little people.
Boat RaceBoat Race
Race your boat around the ocean as fast as you can, steering yourself around the buoys and helping a

Retro Games

The greatest and stinkiest remake of Tetris known to man. Lets play Tetris with poop!
Dr Yeckyl and Mr RideDr Yeckyl and Mr Ride
Grab the golden balls and then land carefully. Levels start to get a good deal more difficult.
Major MayhemMajor Mayhem
Another remixed game this time of Arknoid.
Flash BloxFlash Blox
Drop down blocks in this classic Tetris style game.

Fighting Games

Pinup HeroinesPinup Heroines
Pit the girls against each other as they kick each others butts around. Use special to get them good
Braids NeonBraids Neon
Fight as a ragdoll as your move in for the fastest kill to do the most damage to the other fighter.
What is more fun that beating up old saggy people.
This boxing sim is quite alot of fun, try not to KO!

Casino Games

Poker PatiencePoker Patience
Place the playing cards in the best spots possible to create the best hands in all rows and columns.
Bumper JackBumper Jack
Try your hand at a few games of 21 all at the same time. Don't throw away too many cards.
Table BlackjackTable Blackjack
A game of Table Blackjack.
To win as much money as possible. Same rules as Casino Roulette.

Gore Games

Brink of Alienation IV Prologue VideoBrink of Alienation IV Prologue Video
A non-interactive intro animation to Brink of Alienation IV. A lot of shooting and blood.
Create a RideCreate a Ride
Design your car from everything, even the cars main frame.
Punk O MaticPunk O Matic
Create your own music beats from each band member then listen to it play.
Internet Killed The Video StarInternet Killed The Video Star
Animated parody video.

Strategy Games

Temple Guardian 2Temple Guardian 2
Defend your temple as you build other buildings, do research, grab gold, upgrade, and build turrets.
Humanity The ArmageddonHumanity The Armageddon
Kill the world by creating a virus. Try to get it to spread globally to kill everybody.
Shock DefenceShock Defence
Place the turrets where you think they will do the best damage. Blow away the incoming enemies.
World DominationWorld Domination
Destroy your enemies in this strategy like game.

RPG Games

Max Mesiria Chapter 3 RPGMax Mesiria Chapter 3 RPG
Explore the world as you talk to friendly characters and fight against mean ones.
Ederon Online Card GameEderon Online Card Game
Play an RPG card game with online battling with real people. Registration required.
The Big ScanThe Big Scan
Investigate a murder and scan text quickily.
The AmuletThe Amulet
You're a wizard going to school to learn magic.

Skills Games

Escape the BayEscape the Bay
Launch the guy just right so that he continues to bounce on landmines.
Lord of the Rings - Swig and TossLord of the Rings - Swig and Toss
Bet money and try to throw your axe at the target without missing.
Egg CatcherEgg Catcher
Catch the eggs as they are tossed all over the screen in different directions. Nice graphics.
Missile Game 3DMissile Game 3D
Use your mouse to guide your way through the obstacles. Very cool.
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