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Action / Adventure Games

Amazing KnightAmazing Knight
Defend your castle as you throw axes at the incoming enemies. Careful bigger and harder guys come.
Bike StuntsBike Stunts
Pick up speed and perform tricks after going off jumps. A hard game of pushing the right buttons.
Power CopterPower Copter
Multiple weapons and more and more enemies appearing as you get farther into the game.
Blast Your EnemiesBlast Your Enemies
Tilt your cannon turret up or down and fire shells at people, tanks and jets trying to destroy your

Sports Games

Home Run BoyHome Run Boy
Hit as many home runs as possible. Watch out for those flaming fast balls.
Table TennisTable Tennis
A top down view of Table Tennis.
Hand BallHand Ball
A good game of hand ball with the computer.
Turbo SpiritTurbo Spirit
Race in three different locations using your mouse or keyboard.

Puzzle Games

Maze Of DarknessMaze Of Darkness
15 levels of trying to make it through the mazes without touching the red balls as they move.
Fake or Slutty 8Fake or Slutty 8
Look at the celebrities and decide if the image is a fake image or if the celeb is just a slut. Fun!
Drop the numbers in order to create as many combos of equaling a certain number as possible.
2D Memory2D Memory
Old maid style card game flip over cards and match up two.

Shooting Games

The PrimitiveThe Primitive
Shoot the primitives and blast threir dumb brains out of their heads as you continue to move forward
Office GetawayOffice Getaway
Shoot the enemies AFTER they pop out. (Shots don't register until popout animation is done)
Sift HeadsSift Heads
A fun sniper shooter. Make the right tactical choice or you lose.
Alien InvasionAlien Invasion
Use your movable cannon to fire missiles at invading UFOs move the cannon to move the guidance rocke

Other Games

Draw It UltimateDraw It Ultimate
Choose backgrounds and scenes and draw on top of them or create your very own scene from scratch.
James the Circus ZebraJames the Circus Zebra
Bounce and swing around grabbing all the baby circus animals for saving. Try not to miss any.
Catch-A-Shit 2Catch-A-Shit 2
Bounce the pieces of poo into the toilet.
As Told by GingerAs Told by Ginger
Color the objects on the screen.

Racing Games

Partmaster Mini GPPartmaster Mini GP
Race around multiple tracks against the many computer players as tiny cars.
The Space RaceThe Space Race
Race around the track against the computer players as you try to reach the checkpoints in time.
Monkey KartMonkey Kart
Drive and hop your car. Try to win by avoiding obstacles and enemy fire.
New Car Net RacerNew Car Net Racer
Mouse controlled racing track game. Great design and excellent game. Try the New Car Net Racer!

Retro Games

The classic game of Snake remixed. Eat the frogs to unlock the treasure. Get the treasure to proceed
Monkey MenaceMonkey Menace
Move up the level dodging thrown watermellons from the monkey. Climb vines and then shoot the monkey
Your an Amoeba and must stay alive.
Oh this game is one of the most addictive games ever! WARNING : don't play this game unless you have

Fighting Games

Outback RumbleOutback Rumble
Fight animals in a boxing style fight. Jib and jab high and low through your opponents.
Counter PunchCounter Punch
An excellent fighting game with animations that look great. Multiple opponents.
Bandit KingsBandit Kings
Two player only, you fight against your friend at the same keyboard. Gather more gold than other pla
Gordon vs JolingGordon vs Joling
A 2 player only simplified boxing game.

Casino Games

Glamour Girl Slots Game 2Glamour Girl Slots Game 2
Bet money in the slot machine. Earn money to uncover the ladies. Don't bet to much, you might lose!
5 Card Draw5 Card Draw
Think you have poker skills? Step up and prove it bucko.
A game of chance.. err slots.
Mario PokerMario Poker
A game of Mario Video Poker.

Gore Games

Happy Tree Friends - Water You Wading ForHappy Tree Friends - Water You Wading For
Things go wrong when two Happy Tree Friends want to go swimming in a small pond.
Assault Part 4Assault Part 4
Assault flash animation continues and progresses the story a little further.
The Battlefield IIIThe Battlefield III
Stickmen blowing the crap out of each other.
Xiao Xiao 8Xiao Xiao 8
The carry on from movie 07.. another awesome movie!

Strategy Games

Castle UnderweCastle Underwe
Move and attack monsters that are lower skilled than you. Pull back and regain skills to stay alive.
Active Defense RevolutionActive Defense Revolution
15 levels of moving around and killing enemies. Earn "pixels" to setup turrets and upgrade yourself.
Defend the Pichu BlimpDefend the Pichu Blimp
Defend the Pichu blimp from birds. Plenty of difficult controls to make it hard. Good luck!
StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Edition 2008StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Edition 2008
Build up your base and keep the enemy from destroying all that you've built. How long can you last?

RPG Games

Caves Of MordorCaves Of Mordor
Walk around the caves finding and killing green monsters.
Submachine 3: The LoopSubmachine 3: The Loop
Explore what looks like 100s of levels and 1000s of rooms in this sequel.
A nice looking RPG game of adventure and fighting.
Walk around and talk to people as you progress through the game.

Skills Games

Space Ace Cavern RunSpace Ace Cavern Run
Keep your space ship flying safely through the cavern. Grab power ups and keep your fuel full.
Double DodgeDouble Dodge
Use both hands to help you dodge both sides of blocks coming at you.
Grab all the same colors of gems as you avoid other colors. Steady with that mouse!
WildFire 2WildFire 2
Rescue to little critters as you pick them up in your helicopter. Don't hit anything to hard.
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