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Action / Adventure Games

Shoot enemies as you pick up ammo refills. Gets hard fast as the enemies come after you.
Bushido AssassinBushido Assassin
Sneak around as a ninja and cut off the enemies heads. Don't let them see you or it becomes harder.
Fire at the enemies and try to knock them off the map before they knock you off.
Battle BuggyBattle Buggy
Keep your buggy alive by dodging enemy fire, firing weapons, and upgrading amount of weapons. Fast!

Sports Games

Hit the birdie back and forth as the moving background tries to mess you up.
Roller Blade AcademyRoller Blade Academy
Rollerblade down the street as you pickup cans of drinks and avoid obstacles. Grind on railings!
Strike PoolStrike Pool
Shoot the pool balls into the pockets as fast as possible. Don't hit the wrong ones though.
Quarterback CarnageQuarterback Carnage
Throw the football at the incoming football players before they get too close. Keep them back!

Puzzle Games

Pentopuss SoupPentopuss Soup
A strange game of creating creatures under certain circumstances. Slow going, but decent later on.
Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 6Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 6
Guess whose butt you're looking at and pick the name of them. How many butts do you know?
Searching Masked FaceSearching Masked Face
Find the masked person in live video levels.
Cube Tema 2Cube Tema 2
Line up 3 or more blocks of the same color and try not to leave any blocks left at the end.

Shooting Games

Sniper Global MercenarySniper Global Mercenary
Shoot the right stick figures in the right order to complete each mission. Shoot carefully!
Portal ProtectorPortal Protector
Shoot the cats that are trying to enter your portal. Cheesey graphics, but take it or leave it.
Endless War 3Endless War 3
The Endless War series continues with its top-down shooting and multiple levels.
Doom RunnerDoom Runner
A space shooter similar to astroids, but with ships

Other Games

Get That JetGet That Jet
Throw the paper airplane at the perfect angle for the longest distance. Takes practice.
Dental DamageDental Damage
Clean the teeth before they rot.
Slice the bugs before they reach the other side. Don't let 50 bug through.
Mario BounceMario Bounce
Bounce on the turtle as many times in a row as possible.

Racing Games

Camera Killer 2Camera Killer 2
Drive your car down the road as you shoot speed cameras. Go fast for more points.
Course Des ProsCourse Des Pros
A simple top-down view racing game with a AI controlled car.
A motorcycle racing game with checkpoints to pass before time runs out.
Stai RuereStai Ruere
Protesters have gathered around a barracks area! It's your duty to control them and maintain peace a

Retro Games

Sky BallSky Ball
A souped up game of Breakout with moving bricks and power ups that give you abilities.
4way Pong4way Pong
Play Pong with yourself and keep the ball from hitting all sides of the box as the pong ball bounces
Small BreakoutSmall Breakout
How long can you go without losing the ball?
Break ItBreak It
Breakout with powerups.

Fighting Games

Pinup HeroinesPinup Heroines
Pit the girls against each other as they kick each others butts around. Use special to get them good
Red Blood FightingRed Blood Fighting
A large variety of fighters to choose from. Some easier to beat than others.
The Tom Green ShowThe Tom Green Show
Fight Tom Green in this good looking fighting game.
This boxing sim is quite alot of fun, try not to KO!

Casino Games

Quick CardsQuick Cards
Lay down all your cards the fastest on top of the center piles to win.
Roulette-like Casino GameRoulette-like Casino Game
A game similar to Roulette, but less complicated.
Mario PokerMario Poker
A game of Mario Video Poker.
A game of Baccarat.

Gore Games

Happy Tree Friends - Treasure These Idol MomentsHappy Tree Friends - Treasure These Idol Moments
A golden idol falls into the hands of the HTF crew. Then things start to go wrong.
Happy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold LemonadeHappy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold Lemonade
That's going to leave a mark. One of the more bloody Happy Tree Friends cartoons. Cool!
Wacky FacesWacky Faces
Change the faces, eyes, mouth, and nose of the person to create your own wacky face.
Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2
Decide how to excute the stick man.

Strategy Games

Grid Tower DefenceGrid Tower Defence
Select your towers carefully as each only shoot certain types of enemies. Watch your placements!
Village DefenseVillage Defense
A very nice tower defense with soldiers and traps. Upgrade soldiers guns and kill attacking monsters
P.I.C.O. 2P.I.C.O. 2
Similar to Worms. Pick your player, angle, and power and fire. 1 or 2 players.
Rail of WarRail of War
Load out your train with weapons, then travel the country side blowing away enemies. (8 MB)

RPG Games

Forgotten RitesForgotten Rites
Explore the futuristic cyborg story about soldiers on a spaceship.
Zelda Valentine's QuestZelda Valentine's Quest
Link has forgotten that it was Valentines day, and so the quest begins.
Enter The ParticlasmEnter The Particlasm
Power up your attacks and then strike as close as possible to the enemy partical.
Walk around and talk to people as you progress through the game.

Skills Games

Balls: Too ManyBalls: Too Many
Grab the stars as you avoid the growing number of black balls. Careful they don't just bounce.
Grab all the same colors of gems as you avoid other colors. Steady with that mouse!
Pirate FrenzyPirate Frenzy
Tip the posts back and forth as balls roll on them. Try to get the balls into the smallest pipes.
Wij's Polar PerilWij's Polar Peril
Click on poluting items to change them to environment friendly items. Be quick about it!
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