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Action / Adventure Games

Starts off as a fighting on the street game and progresses to throwing bodies, boxes and shooting.
Chaos War 3 PrologChaos War 3 Prolog
Fight the stick figures with your sword and spells. Level up your character by killing more enemies.
Nevermore 2Nevermore 2
More adverture and exploration gameplay than the original.
Combat HeavenCombat Heaven
Sidescrollng shooter that may never end.

Sports Games

Super SluggerSuper Slugger
Try to hit the baseball as far as possible. Careful when they switch ptichers on you.
Stickman TennisStickman Tennis
Poorly drawn stick figures battle it out in a game of tennis in this fun sports game.
Fishing LalalaFishing Lalala
Reel the fish in when it bites using different keys.
The FishermanThe Fisherman
Catch small fishes, and those big ones for more money, you will use it during your shopping after ea

Puzzle Games

Zombie Survival QuizZombie Survival Quiz
Take a quiz and find out if you could handle a zombie attack or if you would become brain food.
CCL GameCCL Game
Line up the items so that it gets your box to the exit. Similar to The Incredible Machine.
Drag your box around on a string while keeping it away from the vortexes and lava.
Swan's RoomSwan's Room
You must escape from the room by solving the small puzzles placed around. Can you escape?

Shooting Games

Alien Slayer 3DAlien Slayer 3D
Move around in the 3D world as you hunt for alien eggs to destroy as you blast away aliens and eggs.
Pit DwellersPit Dwellers
Shoot the scary creatures that are emerging from the pit. Careful, they're coming up fast!
Hover Tanks 2Hover Tanks 2
Drive your tank and shoot down enemy tanks. Purchase and upgrade tank to take down more enemies.
Global Defense SystemGlobal Defense System
Shoot the incoming asteroids and prevent them from crashing into our planet. Be quick to aim!

Other Games

Fly PieFly Pie
Eat all the flies and then return to the pie crust to make your fly pie. Watch the edges.
Pencil Racer XLPencil Racer XL
Draw your own maps and share the map code with others so they can play your created level.
Cake HouseCake House
Create a cake that not only looks good, but tastes good to. Can you create the perfect cake?
Zef's AdventureZef's Adventure
Run at the bottom of the water and collect goodies.

Racing Games

White Van ManWhite Van Man
Drive and avoid obstacles as you make other cars crash except cops. Finish before time runs out.
2 Fast 2 Furious2 Fast 2 Furious
Race your opponent and try to beat him on the short straightaway. Upgrade car with speed or handling
Mud Bike RacingMud Bike Racing
Start the race off slow, gain speed and grab fuel and repair your fourwheeler. Watch out for others.
Grand Prix Challenge 2Grand Prix Challenge 2
Beat the clock and the obstacles as you race your laps across multiple levels!

Retro Games

Xenocrate 2Xenocrate 2
Another Breakout remix with all sorts of power ups. Extreme hard to grab power ups as they fall.
1 or 2 player ping pong / breakout remix.
Galactic GoobersGalactic Goobers
A retro remix of Invasion.
Battle PongBattle Pong
Play Pong with powerups to attack your opponent.

Fighting Games

Aevarrons ColiseumAevarrons Coliseum
Fight against multiple characters as you try to work your way to the top of the fighting ladder.
Paparazzi Punch-OutPaparazzi Punch-Out
Box the celebs as they have similar downfalls to the classic Punch Out.
Maple Story PianusMaple Story Pianus
Fight against the powerful fish with your powerful magic spells. Die and the fish gets 100% again.
Bighouse BeatdownBighouse Beatdown
Fight prison guards while in your orange jumpsuit.

Casino Games

Goldrush RouletteGoldrush Roulette
Place your gold nuggets on what number and color you think the ball is going to land on. Try to win.
Get close to 21, but don't pass it or you lose.
Blackjack FeverBlackjack Fever
Blackjack Las Vegas style - Double Down, Split, and More - Get your practice in before making your t
To win as much money as possible. Same rules as Casino Roulette.

Gore Games

An short animation about a bunch of stick figures killing each other.
Draw ItDraw It
How about a little bit of free drawing with backgrounds and types of brushes to pick from.
Interactive BuddyInteractive Buddy
Change textures, modify physics, play radio, shoot missiles, throw hand grenades and play with pyrot
Stomp NoiseStomp Noise
An animation of making noise stomping.

Strategy Games

Modern TacticsModern Tactics
A turn based strategy game of tactics, cover and killing the enemy team. Can you do it?
Fratboy Girlfriend Tower DefenseFratboy Girlfriend Tower Defense
Setup towers to defend your girlfriends castle. Set the towers up so they take down the enemies fast
3 In One Checkers3 In One Checkers
Think before you move. Different checker versions with a twist included.
Security 2Security 2
Dodge the cameras and the guards to escape.

RPG Games

Diner DashDiner Dash
Serve tables as you take orders, get money, clean up tables, and seat new customers.
Freedom - FightersFreedom - Fighters
Another stick man RPG with punching and shooting. Manage that health or you're going to die.
Submachine 3: The LoopSubmachine 3: The Loop
Explore what looks like 100s of levels and 1000s of rooms in this sequel.
Sinjid 's Battle ArenaSinjid 's Battle Arena
Explore and fight your way around.

Skills Games

Try to keep your constantly shrinking square as large as you can for as long as possible.
The Torture Chamber IIIThe Torture Chamber III
Try to inflict as much pain as possible on the stick figure without him dying. Perform finish deaths
Grotto DefenceGrotto Defence
Sling your snowballs in your catapult trying to destroy all the attacking monsters.
Fun _and_ BurgerFun _and_ Burger
Make the burgers as fast as you can. You have a short timelimit per burger. Pack em up, pack em out.
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