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Action / Adventure Games

Wink in The Princess Stealing DragonWink in The Princess Stealing Dragon
Wink returns in this sidescrolling fighting and shadow hiding game.
Just another Mario flash game.
Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword and smashing his
Star Fly 2 Cosmic GladiatorStar Fly 2 Cosmic Gladiator
Fly in your space ship in the galaxy shoot at other ships with lasers.

Sports Games

Street SK8Street SK8
Go off jumps and make the necessary tricks to continue to the next level.
Against The WallAgainst The Wall
Kick the soccer ball into the painted goal, then block that same goal from the computer player.
Rockin' SoccerRockin' Soccer
Collect the records, dodge the bombs, then score the goal.
Just PitchingJust Pitching
How about a few holes of golf.

Puzzle Games

Trouble with TerrenialsTrouble with Terrenials
Switch the characters so that all the pieces on the board are the same. Fairly difficult.
Link FestLink Fest
Select two similar pieces next to each other that can be connected together. Try to get all them all
360 Space Ball360 Space Ball
Bounce the ball into the goal by adjusting the direction of paddles. Later levels get pretty hard.
Keep the bee floating and don't touch the cave walls.

Shooting Games

HoverDuel 3HoverDuel 3
Two player only game of hovercrafts shooting at each other. Do you have what it takes to win?
Absolutely HammeredAbsolutely Hammered
Use your mouse to guide the hammer over the nail.
Killer CrocodilesKiller Crocodiles
Shoot the crocs and don't let them attack your boat.
Shoot 2Shoot 2
This is an adventurous shoot em up game where you have to do a lot of stuff, other than just shootin

Other Games

Santa Smoo TwoSanta Smoo Two
Click on the frogs in each scene with Santa. Try not to miss any or you have to start over.
Goki DashGoki Dash
Collect the green balls and stay away from the geko.
Hit the MoleHit the Mole
Hit the moles before they invade your garden.
My First MauslandMy First Mausland
Turn the wheel listen to the sound and guess what it is.

Racing Games

Crazy JeepCrazy Jeep
Reach the checkpoints before time expires as you dodge and jump over cars in your way.
Cats Me If You CanCats Me If You Can
Drive your car and grab the donuts while dodging the obstacles. Grab the nitros whenever you can.
Hawaiian RunnerHawaiian Runner
A side viewing racing game with you and the AI and powerups.
Boat RaceBoat Race
Race your boat around the ocean as fast as you can, steering yourself around the buoys and helping a

Retro Games

The greatest and stinkiest remake of Tetris known to man. Lets play Tetris with poop!
Flying String DefenseFlying String Defense
Simple remake of the classic missle command. Protect the city from incoming missles. Added powerups!
Swing BallSwing Ball
Similar to Curveball this is a 3D remake of pong.
An asteroids remake.

Fighting Games

299 The Lost Spartan299 The Lost Spartan
Stick and jab the attacking enemies with your lone warrior Spartan.
The ShorthenThe Shorthen
Fight against another player or against the computer with multiple short characters.
Bandit KingsBandit Kings
Two player only, you fight against your friend at the same keyboard. Gather more gold than other pla
Gordon vs JolingGordon vs Joling
A 2 player only simplified boxing game.

Casino Games

Guess if the next card in the deck is higher or lower than the one that's showing.
Cheetah RaceCheetah Race
Bet on what place Cheetahs will finish race.
Fruit MachineFruit Machine
Pull the lever on this slot machine and win some big money.
To win as much money as possible. Same rules as Casino Roulette.

Gore Games

Primal War 2Primal War 2
The Primal War animations continue with more fighting and blood.
Stomp NoiseStomp Noise
An animation of making noise stomping.
Build-a-Blood Shed GuyBuild-a-Blood Shed Guy
Create your own blood shed character change armor face hands guns uzi sub machine gun pistol
Virtual KeyboardVirtual Keyboard
Wow! A virtual keyboard! Learn how to play classic themes such as Mario, Tetris, Zelda and much much

Strategy Games

Hannah vs The ZombiesHannah vs The Zombies
Setup barriers before the zombies attack. Shoot the zombies when you have a clear shot threw blocks.
7 Seas Estates7 Seas Estates
Buy houses as prices rise, sell as prices fall. Make money, buy bigger houses. Get highest score.
XXXI Thirty-OneXXXI Thirty-One
You're presented with situations and decisions to make. Make a choice and see if it's the best one.
Build up your army, pick places to attack, upgrade through the shop and more. Very cool!

RPG Games

Escapando 2Escapando 2
Grab items into your inventory and use them to see if you have what it takes to escape the room.
Hamburger ServingHamburger Serving
Keep your customers happy as you serve them hamburgers, fries and drinks. Don't make them wait long.
The Last WizardThe Last Wizard
Explore, buy, and attack as a magical wizard.
Adventure in exploring and fighting creatures in this top-down view game.

Skills Games

Mission HomeMission Home
Fly your UFO home as you dodge the cavern walls. Don't crash!
High School CheerleaderHigh School Cheerleader
Make the cheerleader dance by pressing the arrow keys in DDR and Guitar Hero fashion. Dance girl!
Cheese RollCheese Roll
Roll the ball by controlling the tilt of the level. Try to grab all the red icons and finish the map
Fish FlightFish Flight
Pick the strength and angle at which the airplane is launched. Watch angle of aircraft carrier too.
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