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Action / Adventure Games

Monster Truck TrialsMonster Truck Trials
Different game modes including jumping your bigfoot truck the highest or doing the most flips.
Ghost GauntletGhost Gauntlet
Unlock doors, shoot the ghosts get more keys, and level up. Harder than it sounds.
Sk8 PrisonSk8 Prison
A Donky Kong like game, but much harder.
Alex In DangerAlex In Danger
A well done side scrolling action game, similar to Earth Worm Jim.

Sports Games

Molson Pro HockeyMolson Pro Hockey
Shoot the hockey puck and try to make goals. Angle changes after a while.
A soccer-like game with little colorful tanks that shoot the ball to each other.
Hoops ManiaHoops Mania
Shoot the hoops as 3 different characters... all at the same time. Careful the hoop moves.
247 MiniGolf247 MiniGolf
Another simple game of golf. Careful to not hit it too hard.

Puzzle Games

Can you help your entire family out of the burning house? Careful each family member has a quirk.
Idiot Test 2Idiot Test 2
Find out if your an idiot or not by taking a simple test. Watch out for those tricky ones.
Can You Pass The Third Grade?Can You Pass The Third Grade?
Drag the United State names to their proper geographical location.
16 Bit Wizard16 Bit Wizard
A quiz to see how much you know about retro gaming.

Shooting Games

Nazi AssaultNazi Assault
You're in the Nazi base! Shoot their flags and those dirty Nazis.
Cowboy Billy BoomCowboy Billy Boom
Shoot the evil cowboys at the saloon, but be quick about it.
Hell FireHell Fire
Shoot the enemies as they appear on screen. 2 game modes.
Pearl HarborPearl Harbor
Blow up as many ships as you can. Its like you were really there!

Other Games

Elk's RevengeElk's Revenge
Dodge the bear until his weakness shows, then go on a rampage and run into him.
The Day The Office MeltedThe Day The Office Melted
The office is heating up quick, your job is to blast them with your cool rays and keep it cool.
Ninja KidNinja Kid
Throw chinese stars at the incoming ninjas to stay alive.
Bear _and_ CatBear _and_ Cat
A similar game to "Bubble Ball". Line the colors up.

Racing Games

DragonBall KartDragonBall Kart
Race through multiple levels as the CPU players try to win as they grab pickups to defeat you.
Car ThiefCar Thief
A hard game of driving your car, dodging traffic, and staying alive by not getting fired at.
Super Mario Kart XtremeSuper Mario Kart Xtreme
Lets run over some mario universe characters and watch the blood fly! Don't crash or go too slow.
ATV Winter ChallengeATV Winter Challenge
Race your 4wheeler and don't wreck it. Then upgrade it.

Retro Games

Play a game of Tetris with stars as the shapes continue to fall. Watch out for those powerup pieces.
Steal EggsSteal Eggs
The good old game of Snake, but with eggs. Some eggs are good, others are bad.
An asteroids remake.
Panic RoomPanic Room
Balls keep appearing. Keep bouncing them.

Fighting Games

Dragon Ball Z Power LevelsDragon Ball Z Power Levels
Fight in this game against another Dragon Ball Z character. Don't let him win as you over power him.
Recess RumbleRecess Rumble
Time for recess, what better way to pass the time then to beat up other school children.
Kim vs AbuboKim vs Abubo
You are Kim trying to defeat Abubo in this side view fighting game.
A strange fighting game that even lets you gun in a mech.

Casino Games

Cafe SolitaireCafe Solitaire
Play a regular game of Solitaire without all the flash and just the game.
Glamour Girl Solitaire - Game Deck 5Glamour Girl Solitaire - Game Deck 5
Play solitaire while you enjoy looking at covered ladies in tight and little clothing.
Drunk BlackJackDrunk BlackJack
A game of Blackjack with the players drinking if they lose.
Choose which cards to discard and try to make pair of jacks or better to win money.

Gore Games

Transformers CreatorTransformers Creator
Design and swap transformer parts to create your customized transformer.
Kill Crazy JayKill Crazy Jay
Watch the multiple ways the stick figure dies in this animation good amounts of blood.
Happy Tree Friends - Better Off BreadHappy Tree Friends - Better Off Bread
Another gory Happy Tree Friends for your enjoyment. The hard life of a super hero.
A quick non-interactive comedy.

Strategy Games

Astral Tower DefenseAstral Tower Defense
A tower defense game with a lot of map layouts. Place the towers wisely!
Star War Tower DefenseStar War Tower Defense
Another turret defense game with different types of heroes to place around the map.
Humanity The ArmageddonHumanity The Armageddon
Kill the world by creating a virus. Try to get it to spread globally to kill everybody.
Build up your army, pick places to attack, upgrade through the shop and more. Very cool!

RPG Games

Motel MadnessMotel Madness
Move through the comic driven RPG as you make choices that will either keep you alive, or kill you.
Starfighter Disputed GalaxyStarfighter Disputed Galaxy
Earn money by traveling around in space doing jobs. Watch out for enemies while traveling.
Dr. StanleyDr. Stanley
Explore and find objects that help you get more objects to complete the game.
The Legacy of PliskinThe Legacy of Pliskin
Explore in this role playing game and solve the puzzle.

Skills Games

Car Park ChallengeCar Park Challenge
Find a free parking spot and park in it without getting hit by a shopping cart. Get stars for points
Talivan LaunchTalivan Launch
Set the Talivan into the air with explosions. Try to get it to bounce as many times as possible.
American Idol Punch OutAmerican Idol Punch Out
Punch the judges of American Idol in the face as fast as possible. Be as accurate as possible.
Acid AvoiderAcid Avoider
Make the little purple guy dodge the drops of acid, but grab the water drops. Don't get low on water
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