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Action / Adventure Games

Dodge enemy jet fire as other missiles fly onto the screen. Grab powerups and destroy enemy jets.
Tank AttackTank Attack
Fire your lasers and missiles at the enemies that come onto the screen. Move your tank to dodge fire
Bumper DuelBumper Duel
Pick your ship and shoot CPU player in Deathmath and tournament modes.
Guardian AngelGuardian Angel
Grab coins, stomp on enemies, turn people good, fly over fire and other obstacles. Nice!

Sports Games

Squibball Front 9Squibball Front 9
Squibbal returns in a another game, but with different holes to hit the squibball into.
Destruction League BaseballDestruction League Baseball
Hit the baseball into the right spots to break things. Give it just enough power.
Super Wiggi-BallSuper Wiggi-Ball
Jump up with different moves and hit the balls that are shot out at you.
La PescuitLa Pescuit
Move your boat around and pick the fish in the lake.

Puzzle Games

Deep Frozen LoveDeep Frozen Love
Find the frozen stone age woman, pretty her up and get married. A few puzzle games.
Spot the DifferenceSpot the Difference
As the images scroll past, you have a limited amount of time to spot the differences between them.
9Dragons Hexa9Dragons Hexa
Line 3 or more hex pieces together to get them to disappear. Careful, you have a timelimit.
Run around catching lunch boxes but don't drop them.

Shooting Games

Cannon AloneCannon Alone
Shoot the incoming enemies and use bombs if you have to. Upgrade your turret.
Armor TriggerArmor Trigger
A shooter game mixed with a Mario style map as you go from point to point you have different games.
Modified Yetisports 10Modified Yetisports 10
Shoot the penguins, turtles and buffalo to score bloody points.
Air WarAir War
Shoot down the enemy aircrafts.

Other Games

Rocket RiderRocket Rider
Draw your line and send your penguin rocketing down the track you created.
Super RacoonSuper Racoon
Jump over the other animals and stay alive as long as possible.
Pilot FlyboyPilot Flyboy
Dodge the floating land mines by pushing space to adjust altitude.
Ghost Motel 2Ghost Motel 2
Find out clues about the demon that you found in the hotel and seek friends.

Racing Games

DragonBall KartDragonBall Kart
Race through multiple levels as the CPU players try to win as they grab pickups to defeat you.
Real SaleReal Sale
Drive your little red buggy on the snow. Don't crash into rocks or fall down holes.
Lizzie McGuire Turbo RacerLizzie McGuire Turbo Racer
Drive around the different tracks and grab the point clouds while dodging oil slicks and more.
Caravan RacersCaravan Racers
1 or 2 player racing around multiple maps. Can you beat the computer and your friends?

Retro Games

Apple TreeApple Tree
A game of Breakout remixed with other creatures. You also have to drop gathered apples into baskets.
4way Pong4way Pong
Play Pong with yourself and keep the ball from hitting all sides of the box as the pong ball bounces
Super Idiot TetrisSuper Idiot Tetris
A game of Tetris, you lose and the kid blows his brains out.
Mario Pipe PanicMario Pipe Panic
A recreation of Pacman with Mario.

Fighting Games

Chaos War IIChaos War II
Fight and shoot the stickmen and the turrets that appear. Collect energy and coins at their death.
Ways HeroWays Hero
Fight your way through the groups of baddies by slicing and using built up power moves.
Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1Kong Fu Monkey Episode 1
You're a kung fu monkey, time to lay the law down and kick some enemy butt. Punch and kick the guys.
Golden DragonGolden Dragon
Fight in this game of fists, kicks, swords, and special powers.

Casino Games

Beers SlotsBeers Slots
Pull the beer lever and see if you can score points as the beer lines up in unique ways.
Try to continuously reach 21 with your playing cards as you gain money and bet more and more.
Glamour Poker Deck 4Glamour Poker Deck 4
Play some poker with a deck of ladies starting, but never fully unclothing.
Bumper JackBumper Jack
Try your hand at a few games of 21 all at the same time. Don't throw away too many cards.

Gore Games

Naruto Create a CharacterNaruto Create a Character
Drag and drop the clothes and faces onto the body to create different types of Naruto characters.
Happy Tree Friends - Stealing The SpotlightHappy Tree Friends - Stealing The Spotlight
The HTF antics continue with the gore infested cartoon. This time with a slight Christmas theme.
First Person Shooter In Real Life 1First Person Shooter In Real Life 1
The first in the FPS In Real Life series. More animation than gaming.
Honda Parody AdHonda Parody Ad
A video making fun of Honda's ad.

Strategy Games

Zombie Tower Defense 3Zombie Tower Defense 3
Keep the zombies at bay on 50 levels as you place your turrets correctly. Choose 3 difficulties.
Helix Defense MinorHelix Defense Minor
Another turret defense game. Setup the right types of turrets to keep the enemy from entering.
Rainbow BlitzRainbow Blitz
Shoot 2 fireballs at the dropping bombs. Fireballs explode when two hit together.
Escape From Rhetundo IslandEscape From Rhetundo Island
Control the stickmen and some of the environment for safe passage.

RPG Games

Sim Lemonade MillionaireSim Lemonade Millionaire
Create and sell your lemonade as you try to create the best possible to make loads of money.
Mardek RPG Chapter 1Mardek RPG Chapter 1
Explore the game world, meet up with interesting monsters, then crush them to dust!
Freedom - FightersFreedom - Fighters
Another stick man RPG with punching and shooting. Manage that health or you're going to die.
Swords and Sandals IISwords and Sandals II
A gladiator RPG fighting game. Build your character and fight.

Skills Games

Web-Spinners DinnerWeb-Spinners Dinner
Eat as many larva as possible while dodging the bees that fly by and try to break your web.
$hop Til You Drop$hop Til You Drop
Grab the falling food, but only grab what's on your list or you lose points.
Pull n' Release 2Pull n' Release 2
Pull and release the ball and push the spacebar as it passes by and touches the light blue ball.
The Lord Of The HarpoonThe Lord Of The Harpoon
Aim your harpoon and nab the fish needed. Can stick multiple fish at a time.
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