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Action / Adventure Games

Super PilotSuper Pilot
Dodge enemy fire and blow away the enemy spaceships in this sidescrolling shooter.
Rocket TagRocket Tag
Fly with your jetpack and dodge the birds and grab the fuel before you run out.
Keep Your V.L.Keep Your V.L.
Sidescrolling jet shooter. Shoot turrets, flying lips, barricades and more.
Defend Your InglorDefend Your Inglor
Help the legendary robot, Inglor to shoot down the army of suicidal nOObs, and defend planet Bbs.

Sports Games

Puppy Delta FlyingPuppy Delta Flying
Fly your hang glider as you grab balloons and avoid other objects.
3 Points to Glory3 Points to Glory
Kick the football to shatter the glass in the four areas to reveal the cheerleaders.
Super SoccerSuper Soccer
Go head to head against the computer and try to kick the oversized soccer ball into the goal.
King of DefendersKing of Defenders
Click the ball in the best spot to hit it into the goal.

Puzzle Games

Who Peed?Who Peed?
Listen to an audio clip from a movie where someones peeing, then try to guess what movie it's from.
Go through the colored holes to get to the exit point. Avoid non-solid color holes.
Skeleton ParkSkeleton Park
Run around picking up bones as a skeleton but avoid being caught by the dogs.
Clock Sim ValentineClock Sim Valentine
Find out who your clock lover is for valentines day.

Shooting Games

Sniper Global MercenarySniper Global Mercenary
Shoot the right stick figures in the right order to complete each mission. Shoot carefully!
Shape DefenseShape Defense
Shoot the shapes that are flowing towards you. Shoot as many as you can.
Shoot down the UFOs as they speed by.
Shoot The FlyersShoot The Flyers
Swat as many flies as possible in the time alotted.

Other Games

Draw 4 MusicDraw 4 Music
Draw to create music. Dodge the falling bars as you move. Careful, the designs get jumbled together.
Scooby Doo Motor MadnessScooby Doo Motor Madness
Switch up the gameplay in this Scooby Doo game. From driving to taking pictures and more.
Who Stole My Medicine?Who Stole My Medicine?
A type of "Find Waldo" game. Shown picture, then find the character in the crowd.
Ball TrapBall Trap
Get all the red balls on the red side and all the blue balls on the blue side by moving the paddle b

Racing Games

Flash Cash DashFlash Cash Dash
Drive around grabbing the money symbols and dodging enemy fire. Survive as each new level appears.
Reach The GoalReach The Goal
Race against the computer and use your nitro booster to try and win the race. Nice tracks, but hard.
Shark Tale The Big RaceShark Tale The Big Race
Race the sea horses and try to win first place.
Police BikePolice Bike
This is a police simulator game where you're an officer patrolling on a bike. You have been informed

Retro Games

Very Bear BrotherVery Bear Brother
Similar to the classic Breakout, some differences, you control 2 paddles on the top and bottom.
Maya BallMaya Ball
A souped up Breakout game with fancy graphics and powerups to help you overcome the old gameplay.
SpongeBob SquarePants Patty PanicSpongeBob SquarePants Patty Panic
Run over the food pieces so they drop and make hamburgers. Watch out for baddies.
A remake of the classic Snake game with new power ups.

Fighting Games

CC Fight ClubCC Fight Club
Choose your clock character bio clock and others ice super attack combo hits and fight against your
Art of FightingArt of Fighting
Perform fighting moves to take down the wooden target a number of times as you change difficulties.
Golden DragonGolden Dragon
Fight in this game of fists, kicks, swords, and special powers.
Fight the aliens in this side viewing slicing and dicing game.

Casino Games

Solitaire HopSolitaire Hop
Hop cards on each level to make all cards except one disappear.
Big KahunaBig Kahuna
Bet some money and try to get the jackpot as the symbols roll. Try to get the same symbols.
Lucky EightsLucky Eights
Quickly select the cards to make unique hands of cards to Lucky Eights. How long can you keep going?
Classic BlackjackClassic Blackjack
A nice, classic game of blackjack. Need I say more?

Gore Games

Bunny Kill 2Bunny Kill 2
The Bunny Kill animation series continues with more bunnies dying and more blood spraying.
Primal War 1Primal War 1
Huge animals firing guns at eat other. What could be cooler? The long Primal War begins!
Wireframe SkeletonWireframe Skeleton
Move around the skeleton's limbs arms legs body and make it do funny things
Stomp NoiseStomp Noise
An animation of making noise stomping.

Strategy Games

A strategic game similar to Chess where you move your board pieces to attack the enemy.
Defend Your KingdomDefend Your Kingdom
Setup turrets and defend your kingdom from attack as you take down incoming waves of enemies.
Drone WarsDrone Wars
Build up your army of spaceships and attack the opposing enemy team. Attack to soon and you lose.
Commander 2Commander 2
Build up your units and attack the enemy base. Call in airstrikes and artillery support!

RPG Games

Squares and BladesSquares and Blades
Pick your fighter and fight orcs and others in this turn based, square attacking game.
Nightmares The Adventures Episode 2Nightmares The Adventures Episode 2
Explore the world as a little boy. Pick up items to help you get past other spots in the game.
Adventure in exploring and fighting creatures in this top-down view game.
A nice looking RPG game of adventure and fighting.

Skills Games

My Cute PetsMy Cute Pets
Manage your pets by taking care of them and giving them what they need or it's game over.
Math AttackMath Attack
Use your math skills to quickly shoot the viruses that have the number that solves the equation.
Candy GirlCandy Girl
Jump for the candy before the other kids so that you eat it first. Watch out for moles... yeah moles
Galactic Gravity Golf DeluxeGalactic Gravity Golf Deluxe
Shoot your planet and bounce it off objects and get it into the hole.
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