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Action / Adventure Games

Walk and jump around each level and shoot the enemies. Grab their weapons, health and ammo.
Thug For LifeThug For Life
Take on some big bad thugs by punching the crap out of them. Watch out for their punches!
Sidescroller with a Mario type feel of grabbing coins, jumping over water, and even climbing vines.
Watch the goulish choirboys and try to repeat their chants for points.

Sports Games

Beavis and Butt-Head Court ChaosBeavis and Butt-Head Court Chaos
Throw the tennis balls at all the tennis players that appear on the screen. Be quick!
Out of BoundsOut of Bounds
Hit the tennis ball at the packs of Juicy Fruit.
Bat and Mouse 2Bat and Mouse 2
Run away from the bat as a mouse pick up the cheese and get the stop timer.
Shooting HoopsShooting Hoops
Get past the other players and shoot a basket to win.

Puzzle Games

Road Blocks 2Road Blocks 2
Move your ball around and make it stop against walls to lineup with the goal.
Amazon QuestAmazon Quest
Side 3 or more jewels to clear the spots that are sitting on a spot with a background texture.
Crazy Block BreakerCrazy Block Breaker
This is a simple version of the classic breakout game.
QuickPic 2005QuickPic 2005
Take a good look at all the cards in the picture, try to memorize them and match them up within the

Shooting Games

Jockstrap SlingshotJockstrap Slingshot
Shoot the soap out of the jockstrap at the falling items. Beware of dirty monsters.
Chaotic Creature ScannerChaotic Creature Scanner
Scan as many creatures as possible to rack up as many points as you can.
Feline CrisisFeline Crisis
Shoot the kitties with rubber bands.
Nobuyuki Forces 3Nobuyuki Forces 3
Pop out and shoot the bad guys, then hide again. (7 MB)

Other Games

Frog Zen PondFrog Zen Pond
Aim your tongue at the insects and grab as many as you can. Has mulitple levels.
Flingo FlangoFlingo Flango
You're a flying squirrel. Land on the other squirrels to win.
Parashoot RetroParashoot Retro
Drop the stickmen and try to keep them alive by hitting something soft instead of pavement.
Urban S.W.A.T.Urban S.W.A.T.
Swat the flies. Kill enough to proceed to next round.

Racing Games

Boat Rush 3DBoat Rush 3D
Race your boat in this 3Dish game on 7 levels. Don't hit obstacles or other boats.
Cinderella EscapeCinderella Escape
Race through the town grabbing pickups to extend time and make it to the end as fast as possible.
Race 3 different cars around 3 different tracks. Can you complete all for 1st place?
Moon RiderMoon Rider
Race on your motorcycle without crashing on corners.

Retro Games

Pong FoursomePong Foursome
Play Pong against the three other computer players at the same time. Can you score and win?
A remix of Asteroid gameplay with powerups and a different look.
Lucky LadybugLucky Ladybug
Guide the ladybug to the end with as few clicks and as little time as possible to set a high score
Donkey KongDonkey Kong
Play the very first donkey kong in all its glory, online!

Fighting Games

Force BlockForce Block
Fight enemies in this sidescroller as you complete missions and defeat the city boss.
Faith FighterFaith Fighter
Fight against religious icons like God and Jesus and others. May offend some. Cool fighting game.
Young WorrierYoung Worrier
Throw chinese stars and slice into your enemies. Watch out for their attacks and taking damage.
Z-Ball Special IIZ-Ball Special II
Ready for some Z-Ball inspired fighting? Power up!

Casino Games

Glamour Slots 4Glamour Slots 4
Pull the lever as you earn money to uncover the galmour gals. Can you unlock them all?
Get all the cards back into the pile of cards. New layouts on each level.
Grand Master Woos Back-Alley BlackjackGrand Master Woos Back-Alley Blackjack
Try to win the Chinese pimp at a game of Blackjack to take his belongings. Is it possible to win?
Mario PokerMario Poker
A game of Mario Video Poker.

Gore Games

Brink of Alienation IV Prologue VideoBrink of Alienation IV Prologue Video
A non-interactive intro animation to Brink of Alienation IV. A lot of shooting and blood.
Create a RideCreate a Ride
Design your car from everything, even the cars main frame.
Madness Combat 3Madness Combat 3
He was given a second chance, somewhere in Nevada.
Stomp NoiseStomp Noise
An animation of making noise stomping.

Strategy Games

Canyon DefenseCanyon Defense
Place your turrets carefully so that they take down incoming waves of enemies, both ground and air.
Avatar Black Sun SiegeAvatar Black Sun Siege
Place your pieces so that they attack the enemies pieces in full force. Sweet puzzle strategy game.
You're a drug dealer buying and selling your goods across the world.
Escape From Rhetundo IslandEscape From Rhetundo Island
Control the stickmen and some of the environment for safe passage.

RPG Games

Family RestaurantFamily Restaurant
Manage the restaurant as you create the food orders that people want. Make them correctly!
A well created RPG that has good graphics and comes in at 12 megabytes.
Seven Deadly SinsSeven Deadly Sins
Can you commit all seven deadly sins in this RPG game?
Walk around and talk to people as you progress through the game.

Skills Games

Avenue RemyAvenue Remy
Sit the customers to their tables, serve them the food they want, and take their money.
We Are Legend: ArockalypseWe Are Legend: Arockalypse
Use flame traps to burn zombies. If you miss them, put a chainsaw to their face.
Remy's Ingredient ShuffleRemy's Ingredient Shuffle
Keep the ingredients from touching the floor by bouncing them. Careful, more and more keep dropping.
Collect the fish to your tentacles. Avoid other items. Don't move too fast or they detach.
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