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Action / Adventure Games

Minola's StoryMinola's Story
Run around grabbing seeds and finding objects in this short, but well drawn game.
Danny Phantom Fright FlightDanny Phantom Fright Flight
Fly your ship and dodge enemy fire while firing at the enemy. Grab powerups and stay alive.
Sky AttackSky Attack
Click the enemies above your player to destroy them while dodging their rapid fire.
Brighton BountyBrighton Bounty
Aliens have invaded englands finest city. Jump into your spaceship and save the town.

Sports Games

Grampa Grumble Field Goal ChallengeGrampa Grumble Field Goal Challenge
Kick the squirrel over the field goal. Watch your direction and kicking power.
Super Bike XSuper Bike X
Drive your motorcycle as you keep it balanced driving over all sorts of realistic obstacles.
Kings Of RugbyKings Of Rugby
Pick the angle you kick the ball, pick where on the ball you kick, and the power you kick it with.
Dribble ManDribble Man
Kick the soccer ball into the marked goal.

Puzzle Games

Date DashDate Dash
Grab all the hearts and items as you prepare for your date. Watch out for enemies!
Bounce the silver balls into the colored ones. Get the colored balls onto the colored squares.
Travel to the exit in the shortest distance possible. Take longer and you start over.
Fudge FrenzyFudge Frenzy
Connect and fill the pipes with fudge to make them disappear from the board. Keep making pipes.

Shooting Games

Zombie AssaultZombie Assault
Shoot the zombies trying to attack your house. Earn money and buy new weapons.
Time Mission Arcade EditionTime Mission Arcade Edition
A shooter game with a huge weapon selection once you generate enough money to purchase them. Cool!
Crazy BattleCrazy Battle
Shoot the enemy soldiers as they pop up to shoot you.
Missle AttackMissle Attack
Shoot down the missles before they hit you. Gets pretty hard real quick.

Other Games

Pencil Racer XLPencil Racer XL
Draw your own maps and share the map code with others so they can play your created level.
You're a chubby little mexican. Grab as much food as you can, don't let it fall.
Turkey to GoTurkey to Go
Catch the feathers and corn to save your skin.
Slice the bugs before they reach the other side. Don't let 50 bug through.

Racing Games

A cool racing game with weapons and multiple courses. Set up laps and number of opponents. Nice!
Hummer Rally ChampionshipHummer Rally Championship
Racing around multiple tracks with different Hummers. Multiple game modes to spice things up.
Amazing RaceAmazing Race
Almost exactly like the flash game Ice Racer. Just as fun!
Jungle PatrolJungle Patrol
The bus is heading towards the bombs… what do you do?... what do you do!?! Take your jeep and save t

Retro Games

Pac-Man PlatformPac-Man Platform
Pac-Man mixed up into a platform game. Entertaining mix up of gameplays.
Battle TanksBattle Tanks
The 3D line drawing classic is back, this time in flash gaming.
The classic Space Invaders makes a return with classic gameplay and all.
Ghost 2000Ghost 2000
A remix of Pac-Man with better graphics and constant tapping.

Fighting Games

Fight against the dark creatures as you gain more skills and greater fighting moves.
Dragon Ball Z - Power EffectDragon Ball Z - Power Effect
A very well created fighting game with power ups and great looking graphics. Enemies get harder.
Joy WorldJoy World
Fight the evil crab and take him down with your special powers.
Geek FighterGeek Fighter
A fighting game with pickups and powerups. 1 player or 2.

Casino Games

Glamour Slots 4Glamour Slots 4
Pull the lever as you earn money to uncover the galmour gals. Can you unlock them all?
Sheriff TripeaksSheriff Tripeaks
25 levels of a cool card game. Pick cards that are close to the card in the deck.
Card FrenzyCard Frenzy
Guess if cards are going to be higher or lower.
3 Card Poker3 Card Poker
You're the stud as you try and take on House in this 3-card poker game.

Gore Games

An easter themed dressing game where you create your own egg as you drag and drop pieces.
Primal War 8Primal War 8
You can see an improvement on the quality of drawing as animal babes in the spotlight. Yummy!
Ray Part 2Ray Part 2
The 2nd part of this fun story that gives you choices.
5 Paper Planes5 Paper Planes
A flash tutorial on how to make 5 different paper airplanes.

Strategy Games

Modern TacticsModern Tactics
A turn based strategy game of tactics, cover and killing the enemy team. Can you do it?
Defend Lock LegionDefend Lock Legion
Upgrade your castle and your weapon correctly or you won't survive.
7 Seas Estates7 Seas Estates
Buy houses as prices rise, sell as prices fall. Make money, buy bigger houses. Get highest score.
Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense
The bloons are attacking. Setup your dart throwing monkeys and other "towers" to pop the balloons.

RPG Games

Vindex GladiatorVindex Gladiator
Fight enemies in RPG turn style attacks as you manage your health and who you attack.
Starfighter Disputed GalaxyStarfighter Disputed Galaxy
Earn money by traveling around in space doing jobs. Watch out for enemies while traveling.
RazorMane RPGRazorMane RPG
An amazingly created 3D world of RPG gameplay. Explore the world and conquer your objectives.
Pico's CousinPico's Cousin
Progress through this RPG and make decisions that will change the out come of the game.

Skills Games

48 Boxes48 Boxes
Move your cursor and dodge all 48 boxes that come close. Last as long as possible.
Cursor QuestCursor Quest
Move your cursor around as you grab the orbs and dodge more and more obstacles that appear.
Guide your mouse through each level as you click where you want the ball to make a straight line to.
Move your ball, grabbing coins and invincible while dodging bars and more!
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