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Action / Adventure Games

Avatar Treetop TroubleAvatar Treetop Trouble
Jump on the platforms and top of trees to make your way through the levels. Don't fall!
Cosmic BlastCosmic Blast
Shoot some small planets with strange controls. Follow the arrow to your target.
Throw Ancient StuffThrow Ancient Stuff
Pickup and throw old stuff at mummies.
Rick DangerousRick Dangerous
A somewhat blurry action / retro game.

Sports Games

Blast Billiards 4Blast Billiards 4
15 levels of shooting bomb pool balls into the pool table pockets before time expires.
Blue Rabbits Reelin RoundupBlue Rabbits Reelin Roundup
Try to fish as you listen for the louder sound to know when your close. Reel in lots of fish.
Move the mouse left and right to guide the skier down the slope.
Lawn BowlingLawn Bowling
Throw the black bowling ball as close to the jack on the green as possible.

Puzzle Games

Giggly PopsGiggly Pops
Shoot the Giggly Pops in this Bubble Bobble remake. Lineup 3 or more to make them disappear.
Soul SisterSoul Sister
Explore around the house to discover what your dream of a screaming girl in a house means. Scared?
Shoot the colored ants by other colored ants. Think about where you shoot them.
Geoffrey's QuestGeoffrey's Quest
Click on items throughout the game and pickup some, discover what others can be used for. Explore.

Shooting Games

Drive around on your motorcycle and shoot people that wiz by you.
Barry PotterBarry Potter
Blow away that stupid white owl of Harry Potter's and get points for doing it.
Crazy ShooterCrazy Shooter
Shoot the targets on the monsters as fast as possible.
Tower DefenceTower Defence
Shooter / clicker. Click and throw enemies away from tower. Use powerups.

Other Games

Cowboys and ChinamenCowboys and Chinamen
A bunch of mini games all placed into one storyline.
Move mouse to uncover spots. Find and click circle to level up.
Type MastaType Masta
Type the letters as they come up to become a fast typer.
Mili _and_ Tary Hand GrenadeMili _and_ Tary Hand Grenade
Hit the grenade as far as possible.

Racing Games

Lock RacerLock Racer
Race around the space tracks as you stay on track and drift against the walls.
Race around the air course making your laps and beating all the other air planes.
Turbo Football Heavy Metal SpiritTurbo Football Heavy Metal Spirit
Race your motorcycle on hard tracks with your keyboard or mouse.
Gravity BallGravity Ball
Use the mouse to control the paddle.

Retro Games

Similar to the classic game of Snake, except with a few gameplay changes, like the way you control.
Floating ShooterFloating Shooter
Shoot the asteroids with your gun. Careful, shooting the gun gives you momentum.
4 Nation Tournament4 Nation Tournament
A game of Pong remixed with characters with special powers to bounce the ball back and forth.
Shred ZoneShred Zone
Asteroids remake where you're a guitar shooting records. Nice powerups and better than original.

Fighting Games

Final Fight 2 GuardFinal Fight 2 Guard
Nice retro looking sidescrolling fighting game similar to Streets of Rage. May run slow.
Practice ChappedPractice Chapped
Fight all the crazy monsters that appear. Take them down with sword swipes and kick attacks.
Bushido FightersBushido Fighters
Fight different opponents with different combat moves.
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball Z
Its a really cool Dragon Ball Z flash game. You can even play this 2 player!

Casino Games

Big KahunaBig Kahuna
Bet some money and try to get the jackpot as the symbols roll. Try to get the same symbols.
Big Bomb BlackjackBig Bomb Blackjack
Play a game of Blackjack and earn as much virtual money as possible. Try to reach 21, but not pass.
Glamour Girl SolitaireGlamour Girl Solitaire
Another game of solitaire, but this time you can stare at smiling ladies while you play.
Drunk BlackJackDrunk BlackJack
A game of Blackjack with the players drinking if they lose.

Gore Games

Primal War 11Primal War 11
More action in the Primal War universe as beasts do battle in spurts of animations.
Skeleton Rag DollSkeleton Rag Doll
Toss the skeleton around and watch physics take over as he crashes into pumpkins.
Breakdance GuideBreakdance Guide
Learn how to breakdance in this flash dancing tutorial.
Zoom QuiltZoom Quilt
An ongoing image. Click and drag up or down.

Strategy Games

Astral Tower DefenseAstral Tower Defense
A tower defense game with a lot of map layouts. Place the towers wisely!
Soldiers' DefenseSoldiers' Defense
Equip your towers with weapons and set which enemies they'll shoot. Think first before setting up.
ViaSol 2ViaSol 2
Good strategy web games come around only so often. This is one of those times. Very nice.
Bow MasterBow Master
Shoot arrows at the attacking forces of your castle.

RPG Games

Boo Boo WebBoo Boo Web
Go from place to place and room to room as you pickup items to save your mother.
Crimson ButterfliesCrimson Butterflies
Explore the creepy world of darkness as you try to find your way around by clicking the right items.
A horror RPG game of exploring grungy locations. Watch out for scary things.
Battle ConquerorBattle Conqueror
A well created RPG game with multiple areas and purchasable items.

Skills Games

Shoot bubbles at the gems and get the gems to fall. Collect the gems after they fall.
Astroid BeltAstroid Belt
Dodge the asteroids that appear on the screen. Careful though, some are pretty close together.
Gravity Vortex 2Gravity Vortex 2
Control gravity and move from the top to the bottom of the cavern as you fire your arm strapped gun.
Jungle DestructionJungle Destruction
Charge the hippos and stab them with your horn at the perfect time to spray the blood.
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