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Action / Adventure Games

Little SheepLittle Sheep
Grab the stars as you move around in this sidescrolling platformer with good graphics.
Fly around and shoot the enemy ships, gather powerups and move to the next level.
Little RocketmanLittle Rocketman
An action pack adventure game, choose where you want little rocketman to fire so he lands on the pla
Keith AnnihilationKeith Annihilation
You're an elite soldier of the Vietnam war, and you have been sent on a secret mission to infiltrate

Sports Games

Shoot your arrows at the target as you move back and forth. Get your bow power just right to hit it.
Lightning Crazy GolfLightning Crazy Golf
81 levels of striking the golf ball into warping holes and grabbing coins.
Lightning BreakLightning Break
A challenging game of Pool where you're told to hit balls in a certain order. Also has a time limit.
Batting ChampBatting Champ
Get set up and hit a home run to score many points.

Puzzle Games

The Countries of Central and South AmericaThe Countries of Central and South America
Do you know where your countries are? If not you will have a hard time. Use this game to learn them.
Panda FoodPanda Food
Rotate the puzzle pieces and line up 3 or more similar food pieces together to make them disappear.
The Impossible QuizThe Impossible Quiz
Answer a bunch of questions, most of which you probably have no idea what the answer is.
Push the arrow keys in the order the computer displays.

Shooting Games

Castle ArcherCastle Archer
Keep your archer tower safe as you defeat incoming waves of enemies as you fire and upgrade.
Planet ProtectorPlanet Protector
Protect your planet by shooting incoming planets and bouncing them back. Grab pickups.
Medieval DefenseMedieval Defense
Defend your castle and constantly upgrade spells and castle strength.
Stickman MadnessStickman Madness
BOOM! Stickman headshots rock!

Other Games

Spider BugsSpider Bugs
Shoot your spider webs out of the lady bugs butts at other lady bugs. Hence the name, Spider Bugs.
Red _and_ BlackRed _and_ Black
6 simple games in one.
Click the grouping colors not leaving any blocks left over.
Koala LanderKoala Lander
Dodge the floating lobsters. No really.

Racing Games

Nacho LibreNacho Libre
Race around 7 tracks as Nacho Libre. Can you beat all who compete against you?
Mud RallyMud Rally
Race around the pond as the frog. Eat butterflies to gain points, avoid bees.
Congestion ChaosCongestion Chaos
Drive to the beacon spots while doding traffic and cameras.
Grand Prix Challenge 2Grand Prix Challenge 2
Beat the clock and the obstacles as you race your laps across multiple levels!

Retro Games

Very Bear BrotherVery Bear Brother
Similar to the classic Breakout, some differences, you control 2 paddles on the top and bottom.
Orbit BlasterOrbit Blaster
Similar to the classic Space Invaders only with better graphics. Hold down space for rapid fire.
3D Tetris3D Tetris
The hardest game of Tetris you'll ever play. Use your mind to see the game in 3 dimensions.
Star Fly 3Star Fly 3
Your task is to clear all the zones from asteroids and other space junk. Collect power-ups for extra

Fighting Games

CC Fight ClubCC Fight Club
Choose your clock character bio clock and others ice super attack combo hits and fight against your
I'll Blow Your Brains OutI'll Blow Your Brains Out
Shoot all the coming stickmen, you can get on a turret or swing bats and swords.
Fight FightFight Fight
Pick your fighter, backdrop, and then fight against the AI.
Bushido FightersBushido Fighters
Fight different opponents with different combat moves.

Casino Games

Glamour Girl Poker Deck 1Glamour Girl Poker Deck 1
Play a game of Poker with some sexy ladies on the deck. Earn as much money as possible.
Glamour Poker Deck 5Glamour Poker Deck 5
Play some poker with a deck of cards that has ladies in skimpy lingerie on them.
Quick CardsQuick Cards
Lay down all your cards the fastest on top of the center piles to win.
Three Card MonteThree Card Monte
Follow the Queen card as it's suffled around the others and then pick where you think the queen is.

Gore Games

Tree Decoration 2007Tree Decoration 2007
Decorate the tree in any fashion you want. Drag and drop items onto the tree, then print it out.
Primal War 13Primal War 13
The fight continues between the beasts as the gorilla tries to escape from the enemy team.
Robot Chicken - Mr. _and_ Mrs. BradyRobot Chicken - Mr. _and_ Mrs. Brady
An animation from a Robot Chicken episode.
Demolition SquidDemolition Squid
A flash animation about attacking buildings.

Strategy Games

Strategy Defense 5Strategy Defense 5
The series continues on with a few changes made, but the same great strategy continues. Defend!
Simple Tower Defense V3Simple Tower Defense V3
50 levels of an another tower defense game. Don't forget to setup air attacking towers.
Avatar Black Sun SiegeAvatar Black Sun Siege
Place your pieces so that they attack the enemies pieces in full force. Sweet puzzle strategy game.
Magneto SyndromeMagneto Syndrome
Use your brain in more ways than one to try to escape.

RPG Games

Escape to Obion 2Escape to Obion 2
Move through each scene of the game as you solve puzzles to progress farther into the game.
Lethal RPG Universe 2 DominationLethal RPG Universe 2 Domination
Customize the look of your character and the weapon you want and then start to fight.
Blue Rabbit's Climate ChaosBlue Rabbit's Climate Chaos
An RPG exploration game with decent cartoon graphics.
The Fish That Should Not BeThe Fish That Should Not Be
A clicking and exploring RPG game with a pirate.

Skills Games

Shoot the ball at the correct angle to make it hit all the required balls to proceed.
Bubble PanicBubble Panic
Cast a spell to break apart the bouncing balls. Don't let them hit you as they continue to divide.
Twist 2Twist 2
Keep both balls on ther own side as you control each with both of your hands.
Street BurglarStreet Burglar
Grab the goods and avoid cops, garbage cans, and other obstacles. Careful it speeds up.
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