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Welcome to Games Monster your free online games website. Play an unlimited number of games for free and share your favorites with friends or add directly favorites in your list.

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Action / Adventure Games

Shoot the blocks as they get harder. Even boss blocks appear! Grab pickup to increase your fire rate
Commando StrikeCommando Strike
Load your character out with weapons you can afford and then blow away the enemies. Area type game.
Blackhole TrekBlackhole Trek
Shoot the objects coming towards your spaceship, grab pickups and don't die.
Explore the underwater world and solve puzzles. Grab keys and jump out of the water even. Cool!

Sports Games

SoccoFobia 2SoccoFobia 2
Dodge the soccer balls that come out onto the field. Dodge all of them for as long as possible.
Play this classic darts game.
Mini Putt 3Mini Putt 3
Power up your shot set the angle and putt the ball into the hole.
Gr8 RacingGr8 Racing
This is a really cool rally game, Post your best laptimes in the forum!

Puzzle Games

Know Your TequilaKnow Your Tequila
Answer quiz questions and find out just how much you know about Tequila.
Rush Hour Road RageRush Hour Road Rage
Slide the cars around to make a pathway to the exit for your car. 15 levels.
Steppenwolf - The Heruka 3Steppenwolf - The Heruka 3
Steppenwolf continues with more puzzles. Can you explore the world and find all the puzzles?
Escape Series 2.5Escape Series 2.5
Escape another room or you will die in there. Solve each mini puzzle to get that much closer.

Shooting Games

Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and DeathIron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death
Shoot all the zombie dead soldiers on the battlefield as you duck to reload. Shoot parachuters!
Kat Killah 2Kat Killah 2
Shoot all the crazy fruity creatures as you stay alive and unlock better weapons.
Bird HuntingBird Hunting
Shoot as many birds as you can.
Aim _and_ FireAim _and_ Fire
Shoot the selected cans out shown in the top left

Other Games

Snowball 2008Snowball 2008
Grow your snowball as large as possible as you roll down the hill. Dodge obstacles.
Shark AttackShark Attack
Rescue the floating survivors with your sailboat. Careful to watch the wind direction.
Lust or BustLust or Bust
Don't get caught looking at the boobies.
Hop-A-Lot HobbitHop-A-Lot Hobbit
You must get the evil ring back to where it was forged by jumping over various obstacles of differen

Racing Games

Cinderella EscapeCinderella Escape
Race through the town grabbing pickups to extend time and make it to the end as fast as possible.
Heavy Metal RiderHeavy Metal Rider
Motorcycle racing game with a bunch of tracks, bike tuning, and nitro even.
A motorcycle racing game with checkpoints to pass before time runs out.
Cone CrazyCone Crazy
Knock over as many cones as you can in the given time limit. Red cones are worth 10 points and the y

Retro Games

SpongeBob SquarePants Patty PanicSpongeBob SquarePants Patty Panic
Run over the food pieces so they drop and make hamburgers. Watch out for baddies.
Steal EggsSteal Eggs
The good old game of Snake, but with eggs. Some eggs are good, others are bad.
Pinball Smash UpPinball Smash Up
Breakout and Pinball gameplay mixed with a bunch of powerups. Great, fast gameplay.
Black HoleBlack Hole
Dodge the black holes, much like astroids only you dodge instead of shoot.

Fighting Games

Chop of all the enemies that appear. Kill as many enemies as possible without dying. Spill the guts!
Golden DragonGolden Dragon
Fight in this game of fists, kicks, swords, and special powers.
Breakfast BrawlBreakfast Brawl
Feels very similar to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Even the animations are similar.
The 12 FightersThe 12 Fighters
Fight 12 different ooz creatures that increase in difficulty. Original Street Fighter graphics.

Casino Games

Poker JokerPoker Joker
As the cards fall, select the cards you need to complete the best card hand possible. Be fast!
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire
Ready for another card game of Solitaire.
American Poker IIAmerican Poker II
Another poker game for your Casino enjoyment.
Place your bets in this game of Roulette.

Gore Games

Happy Tree Friends - Treasure These Idol MomentsHappy Tree Friends - Treasure These Idol Moments
A golden idol falls into the hands of the HTF crew. Then things start to go wrong.
Primal Lords 3Primal Lords 3
The 3rd animation in the beast fighting series. Short for its load time, but good animations.
Make a MobsterMake a Mobster
Create your very own gangster change his arms suit legs weaponry hat face and more.
Mortal Kombat Viral AdMortal Kombat Viral Ad
Blood on the carpet.

Strategy Games

Grid Tower DefenceGrid Tower Defence
Select your towers carefully as each only shoot certain types of enemies. Watch your placements!
When Hell Freezes OverWhen Hell Freezes Over
Place turrets to defend yourself as the enemy waves flow. Careful not to let any get by. Fairly easy
The Commanders SisterThe Commanders Sister
Defending game meets sweet graphics in another tower defender game. Setup your military turrets!
Underground ArmyUnderground Army
Can you manage your business empire while defending it with soldiers and upgrading your military?

RPG Games

Catch 'Em If You CanCatch 'Em If You Can
Take care of the farm as you feed the hens and get them to lay eggs for you. How many can you manage
Fast Food FrenzyFast Food Frenzy
Take care of the burger shop as you grab the ingredients and make burgers for customers.
Point around and find out what's happening as you move from room to room and unlock doors.
Battle BallBattle Ball
A sport-like game, but the dice make it RPG-like too.

Skills Games

Woman Down UnderWoman Down Under
Jump from platform to platform as you try to get as low as possible to reach the ladies.
The King's FeastThe King's Feast
10 levels of toss the head around obstacles without leaving the blue box.
Showndown at Santa'sShowndown at Santa's
Defend Santa's place as you throw snowballs at all the incoming holiday creatures. Get power ups!
Spin SprintSpin Sprint
The world is spinning. Jump, duck and dive over and under obstacles. Hard very quick.
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