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Action / Adventure Games

Draw ManDraw Man
Draw your defenses to keep all the enemies that come from multiple sides at bay. Can you last?
Gangsta BeanGangsta Bean
An awesomely fun and well drawn sidescroller. Cut up evil food characters and earn money. Creative.
Salvo Holiday AdditionSalvo Holiday Addition
Kill enemies and make bombs go off near enemies for bonuses.
Aquarium SprengischenAquarium Sprengischen
Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up fish.

Sports Games

White House 2008White House 2008
Pick someone running for President and make them run in the marathon and try to win.
BMX ExtremeBMX Extreme
BMX around on jumps in free run mode or try a little competition.
Mini Pool 2Mini Pool 2
Take on the clock as you fight to pot all the balls inside the time limit.
Air BallAir Ball
You've played Kickups, right? Now try and keep all the balls up! Try and keep the multiple sports ba

Puzzle Games

Fudge FrenzyFudge Frenzy
Connect and fill the pipes with fudge to make them disappear from the board. Keep making pipes.
Drop JobDrop Job
Pop the water bubbles to share the water to all the puzzle pieces. Arcade and puzzle gameplay modes.
Four Second FirestormFour Second Firestorm
The 3rd in the Four Second series. 170+ mini games all together. Can you complete it?
Dodge-Em 2Dodge-Em 2
Dodge other balls and complete tasks in this puzzle action game.

Shooting Games

Blow flames at asteroids as you avoid them hitting any part of your long dragon body.
Nebula DefenderNebula Defender
Shoot the enemy ships as they fire back. Dodge their fire or your ship will explode with 1 hit.
Horizon Of WarHorizon Of War
You control the turret at the top of the hill. Fire at all the incoming soldiers and enemy vehicles.
Virtual CopVirtual Cop
Shoot the lifeless enemies without them killing you.

Other Games

Hungry FroggyHungry Froggy
Grab the food flying around in the air to keep your frog fed.
Ragnapets 3Ragnapets 3
Create a pet and then take care of it and progress in the game doing all sorts of pet things.
Sledding MadnessSledding Madness
Help Griswold the goblin to collect his beloved shiny gems by sledding down the hill.
The GhostThe Ghost
Walk through the mountains, shoot down skeletons and use melee attacks against ghosts.

Racing Games

Christmas RaceChristmas Race
Race in your sleigh against other sleighs. Don't let them beat you in this 3Dish race around the ice
Goose Head RacingGoose Head Racing
Drag racing with gear shifting and stopping.
Space ExplorerSpace Explorer
Another physics controlling, mars rover moving, sidescrolling, time attack game.
Spy HunterSpy Hunter
Rave down the highway in your equipped car blasting through enemies and avoiding danger.

Retro Games

A remix of Frogger with a chicken. Multiple levels that continually get harder.
If Breakout had a character and had some type of story behind it. It might look like this.
An enhanced version of Asteroids with firing powerups and harder enemies.
24 Puzzle24 Puzzle
Align the 24 numbers in order from 1-24 in this 3D puzzle.

Fighting Games

Art of FightingArt of Fighting
Perform fighting moves to take down the wooden target a number of times as you change difficulties.
City SmasherCity Smasher
Smash the city and destroy any puny people that stand in your way.
Brave SwordBrave Sword
2 Players only, take your opponent down with swords, shield butts and more.
Angel FightersAngel Fighters
A tekken theme to this game, with some angel fighters!

Casino Games

Armor SlotsArmor Slots
How about a game of slots. Pull lever like it's your job!
Gimp RouletteGimp Roulette
Try not to blow your own brains out.
Absolutist BlackJackAbsolutist BlackJack
Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure against ace.
Classic BlackjackClassic Blackjack
A nice, classic game of blackjack. Need I say more?

Gore Games

Happy Tree Friends - Mime and Mime AgainHappy Tree Friends - Mime and Mime Again
The friendly mime comes to visit his friend in the hospital. What harm could a mime do?
Halo vs. Exo Squad 1 on 1Halo vs. Exo Squad 1 on 1
Another short stop action animation.
Stick Figure Penalty 1Stick Figure Penalty 1
Execute the prisoner multiple ways in this stick animation.
Saddam Xtreme BitchslapSaddam Xtreme Bitchslap
Smack up Saddam Hussein any way you like punch kick him and finish him off when he's down.

Strategy Games

Drone DefenceDrone Defence
Protect your base as you fire at incoming waves of enemies. Use money to upgrade weapons and drones.
RS Tower DefenceRS Tower Defence
Place the turrets in the best spots possible. Multiple map layouts to choose from to make it harder.
XXXI Thirty-OneXXXI Thirty-One
You're presented with situations and decisions to make. Make a choice and see if it's the best one.
King Of The HillKing Of The Hill
You're the king of the Hill and your enemies have launched an assault on the castles in your kingdom

RPG Games

Summoner Saga 2Summoner Saga 2
An RPG turn based fighting game. Can you take down your enemies with your magical powers?
Astroseries MilleniaAstroseries Millenia
An RPG with a story to tell. Decently created. Time to RPG it up.
Thy Dungeonman 2Thy Dungeonman 2
Another humorous text RPG game. Bringing back the retro RPGs.
The battle of the balls. Increase skill points to take on user specified opponents.

Skills Games

Mouse AvoiderMouse Avoider
Test your skills as you try to move your cursor through the small passageways.
Turkey FlingTurkey Fling
Fling the turkey away from the fire as you grab corn in mid air and try to get your turkey far.
Stick Avalanche 2Stick Avalanche 2
Dodge the falling rocks for as long as possible while grabbing the pickups. Get hit and you explode.
Infantry Covert OperativesInfantry Covert Operatives
The same gameplay that the game Worms has. Pick your weapon and trajectory. Kill other team.
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