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Action / Adventure Games

Mafia Driver 2 - KillerMafia Driver 2 - Killer
Drive around following the circle objectives. Dodge objects and cars. Grab money symbols.
Jump on the platforms slinging mud at the creatures that are out to get you. Trap them in mud balls.
Bubble TanksBubble Tanks
Go from bubble to bubble and shoot the smaller bubbles. Long game.
Air WolfAir Wolf
Fire upon the enemy spaceship to destroy it.

Sports Games

Penalty Game EK 2008Penalty Game EK 2008
Adjust your angle and power and kick that soccer ball into the goal.
Bass Fishing ProBass Fishing Pro
Catch the required amount of fish before the time runs out. Harder than most fishing games.
Home RunHome Run
Multiple game challenges of hitting the ball at different levels and at just the right time.
La PescuitLa Pescuit
Move your boat around and pick the fish in the lake.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle FarterPuzzle Farter
50 levels of farting around the level as you move around and reach the exit door as you avoid others
Indian Arranged MarriageIndian Arranged Marriage
Each level has different puzzles to complete to go through with the marriage.
Rescue hostages by performing the right actions at the right time.
Bomberman: Land of the PumpkinBomberman: Land of the Pumpkin
1 or 2 players. Be the first to bomb your opponent.

Shooting Games

Xmas Card Shootem UpXmas Card Shootem Up
Shoot the Christmas card characters with your gun. Blast 'em!
3D Swat3D Swat
Shoot the popup targets, but be warned, they shoot back. Watch long distances too.
Red ChefsRed Chefs
Splat all the red chefs with ice cream.
Space Combat 2Space Combat 2
Get as many points as you can, careful not do die

Other Games

Grand Theft GrottoGrand Theft Grotto
Grab the presents and make your way to the flag. Don't let Santa or elves get you.
Ski BattleSki Battle
Line Rider gameplay returns in Ski Battle. Draw a line, place pictures and objects to ski over.
Flingo FlangoFlingo Flango
You're a flying squirrel. Land on the other squirrels to win.
Parking Perfection 3Parking Perfection 3
Park the car on multiple levels after given instructions.

Racing Games

Tak - The Great Juju ChallengeTak - The Great Juju Challenge
Race around the track as Tak. Can you complete the track and win the race?
Dirt BikeDirt Bike
More physic control on a sidescrolling motorcycle game.
Grand Prix Challenge 2Grand Prix Challenge 2
Beat the clock and the obstacles as you race your laps across multiple levels!
Skid WRXSkid WRX
Time for a top down race.

Retro Games

A game of Asteroids with graphic tweaks as well as the occasional UFO that comes by.
Hanabi ShooterHanabi Shooter
Shoot the fireworks at the alien invaders in this 4th of July remix of the classic.
A remake of Asteroids with updated graphics and different firing modes.
Hard Ball HeadHard Ball Head
Make the ball hammer the square with the face to break it. One short level.

Fighting Games

High School Backstreet FighterHigh School Backstreet Fighter
Fight all those that oppose you. Charge your power to use your crazy fist swinging attack.
A old school graphics fight game with difficult controls, speed settings and more. Read options menu
You're a mean squirrel, beat up your neighbor squirrels to keep them away.
Old Angry WizardOld Angry Wizard
Fight the appearing Ring Wraiths.

Casino Games

Glamour Poker Deck 4Glamour Poker Deck 4
Play some poker with a deck of ladies starting, but never fully unclothing.
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire
Ready for another card game of Solitaire.
A game of Blackjack.
A game of Craps.

Gore Games

Blue Hippo Dress-UpBlue Hippo Dress-Up
Dress up the hippo in all sorts of clothes as you change his face and background.
Pimp My BMW M5Pimp My BMW M5
Pimp the BMW to look as cool and pimped out as possible. How cool can you make yours look?
Funny Wal-Mart SongFunny Wal-Mart Song
A flash animation remix from a Garth Brooks country song.
Pimp My RidePimp My Ride
Pimp out the cartoon ride in this nongame.

Strategy Games

Setup your towers, farms and other items to protect your castle over multiple levels of attacks.
Siege DefenderSiege Defender
Defend your castle from invaders as you shoot and bounce a stone ball at them.
Tower defense game with knights and mages. Cast your spells and kill all the waves of enemies.
Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense
The bloons are attacking. Setup your dart throwing monkeys and other "towers" to pop the balloons.

RPG Games

Naruto Dating SimNaruto Dating Sim
Level up your character and try to get a date. Can you manage all your characters aspects?
Tofu TurkeyTofu Turkey
A turkey RPG game where you explore the world of turkeys, pick up items, and talk to other turkeys.
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 1Super Sneaky Spy Guy 1
Explore the game world with real life pictures. Explore the game world in part 1 of a large series.
Zombie RushZombie Rush
Defend your hut from zombies with a points based attack system.

Skills Games

Rotate the map and get the star to the portal in each level. Don't go too fast!
My Cute PetsMy Cute Pets
Manage your pets by taking care of them and giving them what they need or it's game over.
Click Maze 2Click Maze 2
Guide your ball in a straight line as you click where you want the ball to go. Don't touch the map.
Cannonball Follies 3Cannonball Follies 3
Adjust your power and trajectory levels and fire your cannonball at the target.
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