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Action / Adventure Games

Art of War 2 - Stalingrad WintersArt of War 2 - Stalingrad Winters
Shoot all the incoming waves of enemies as they fire bullets, throw grenades, and use tanks and more
Qweck AttackQweck Attack
A sidescrolling game that feels similar to Alien Hominid, but not as polished. Fun animations.
Clown KillerClown Killer
Kill all the clowns before they attack you.
Megaman PX - Time TrialMegaman PX - Time Trial
Complete the levels as fast as possible.

Sports Games

Basketball ShootingBasketball Shooting
Shoot the basketball at just the right time. Don't wait to long or you'll miss.
Holiday Putt PuttHoliday Putt Putt
Watch your putting angles and try to hit the golf ball at just the right angle to get it in the hole
Mani Golf 2Mani Golf 2
Pick the best angle and power to hit the ball in this arcade style golf game.
Cool single/multiplayer pool game!

Puzzle Games

Line up the shapes with letters to make as many words as possible. Only some are rotatable. Hard!
Green Mirrors EscapeGreen Mirrors Escape
Can you figure out how to escape the room with the green mirrors? Adjust the laser to give power.
Shoot the colored ants by other colored ants. Think about where you shoot them.
Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 2Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 2
Look at the Badonkadonk Butt and guess whose it is in this bootay quiz.

Shooting Games

Kat Killah 2Kat Killah 2
Shoot all the crazy fruity creatures as you stay alive and unlock better weapons.
Rotate around as you watch your radar and blast away all the monsters that are coming at you.
Frag The LagFrag The Lag
Can you shoot the targets even when your screen lags? Test your aiming ability through simulated lag
Swat, spray or shoot down the spiders and protect the butterfly caught in the web.

Other Games

SpongeBob SquarePants Pizza TossSpongeBob SquarePants Pizza Toss
Ride on your bike as Sponge Bob throwing pizzas to his underwater friends.
Domestic DisputeDomestic Dispute
Select your attack use it against either party and finish them off when they're almost out of health
Bullet DodgeBullet Dodge
You're on top of a building and completely at the mercy of 3 terrorists with guns. Dodge them in eve
Samurai WarriorSamurai Warrior
A tekken style beat 'em up. Awesome

Racing Games

Jet Boat RacingJet Boat Racing
Race around the water track in your jet boat as you try to beat the computer players.
Rocket RallyRocket Rally
Race against the other hover cars. Progress and unlock other cars.
Brekky RaceBrekky Race
Race around dodging the food in your small car on the food table.
Motor RacerMotor Racer
A limited "3D" flash game where you race to get the best time score.

Retro Games

Underwater Mad PacUnderwater Mad Pac
An underwater remix of Pacman. Different level setup gives it a new twist.
4 Nation Tournament4 Nation Tournament
A game of Pong remixed with characters with special powers to bounce the ball back and forth.
Soccer PongSoccer Pong
The game of Pong remixed and you have to bounce the ball into the goal. Harder than it sounds.
Shoot in this fast paced top down ship shooter.

Fighting Games

Avatar ArenaAvatar Arena
Time to fight your opponents with the magical powers you have, like waves of water.
Can your bot defeat the enemy bots?
Element Saga Chapter 5Element Saga Chapter 5
Fight the on screen badies with guns, punches, grapple chain and last as long as possible.
Extreme Worldcup SimulatorExtreme Worldcup Simulator
Select your fighters and fight against the AI.

Casino Games

Glamour Girl Slots - Game 5Glamour Girl Slots - Game 5
Take the casino machine for a spin as you bet money and gain money to purchase new hot women.
Flash BlackJackFlash BlackJack
Try to make each row reach 21 as you go through the deck of cards.
Bumper JackBumper Jack
Try your hand at a few games of 21 all at the same time. Don't throw away too many cards.
Mario PokerMario Poker
A game of Mario Video Poker.

Gore Games

Pimp My Porsche CarreraPimp My Porsche Carrera
Make the Porsche look as cool as possible as you change the colors, lights, textures, and background
Optical IllusionsOptical Illusions
A bunch of optical illusions all compiled together to mess with your mind.
Lost Rhapsody 1Lost Rhapsody 1
Flash animation about the TV show Lost Season 1.
Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 2Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 2
The sequel to the part 1 featuring an intense battle between the good and the bad!

Strategy Games

Shock ArenaShock Arena
Place your cards into the strategic spots to defeat your CPU opponent. Defeat its attacking pieces.
Space CreepsSpace Creeps
Set up your turrets and what direction they're going to shoot in. Build walls around your castles.
StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Edition 2008StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Edition 2008
Build up your base and keep the enemy from destroying all that you've built. How long can you last?
Field Command 2Field Command 2
Use tactics to keep your squad alive.

RPG Games

Dragon ScapeDragon Scape
An RPG fighting game. Use tactics to stay alive as you fight the different enemies.
The Curse of Waterdeep Mardoks ReignThe Curse of Waterdeep Mardoks Reign
The Waterdeep RPG continues with the adventure that made the first pretty popular to RPG fans.
Load out your skills and point system and continue the story of this toon RPG.
Griswold The GoblinGriswold The Goblin
Explore in this strange RPG flash game.

Skills Games

Santa Shake With MeSanta Shake With Me
Perform the same moves that the reindeer does. Take to long and it's game over for Santa.
Swing your ball to knock the incoming balls away from the center ball. Includes upgrade shop.
The Big BlueThe Big Blue
Roll the ball and make it to the exit. You can only control the ball while on the green surfaces.
T.R.N. 47 SubversionT.R.N. 47 Subversion
Race threw the tunnel faster and faster as you hit the speed pads. Don't let the enemy catch you.
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